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The aim of these licenses is to empower children with experience and skills to handle faster than it should to use by age or size kart. There are three categories of licenses.


1. License ELECTRIC:

A child under four years is allowed to drive electric karts.


2. License JUNIOR:

Allows you to run the Junior karts even without age or size.


3. License SENIOR:

Permission is granted to a person who does not meet the minimum height to race on Seniors Karts.


The cost of the test to apply for the license is $75 and lasts approximately 1 hour. You will be given the license only with 100% of the test (if the test is passed, there is no refund).


Test days are Mondays and Wednesdays. The application form must be filled at Formula Kart, once delivered, it will be checked and then an appointment will be set up.


Formula Kart reserves the right to issue licenses.