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Classes are taught by Andrés Fonseca, national and international karting champion with over 25 years experience.



• Regular Karts: Adults and Children over 10 years.
• Junior Karts: Children 6 to about 9 years.
• Electric Karts: Children 4 to about 6 years.

Restrictions apply depending on student's experience.


Hours available:

All classes are held on Tuesdays.

The training program includes:

1 or 2 classes per week.

4 heats per class.

Title of participation after 12 classes.

Availability by the instructor to clear doubts.



1- Time: Driving lines, braking points, acceleration points

2- Performance: Constant, concentration, physical condition.

3- Attitude: Discipline, motivation and behavior of the driver and guardian or parent.

4- Competition: Overtaking or overtopping, defense position, clean handling and unsportsmanlike.

5- Theory transmission: Mechanical and sports area in competitions.